Specialist suport vânzări

Main objectives:

Responsible for electricity supply consumer contracts, billing in accordance with the performance standard (ANRE) and the electricity supply regulation.


The successful candidate will be engaged in electricity supply activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Managing the end-to-end process of the electricity supply contracts under the conditions of the regulations in force;
  • Ensuring the contractual relationship with the Distribution Operators (invoices, the quantities of electricity supplied, etc.);
  • Managing the contract for the electricity transmission services and the contract for the collection of the contribution for high-efficiency cogeneration concluded with CNTEE Transelectrica S.A.;
  • Preparing internal and/or external reports;
  • Preparing and transmitting the reports to the energy regulatory authority (ANRE) and, if applicable, to OPCOM, Transelectrica, Distribution Operators, ANRE;
  • Providing consumers with information on changes/news on the electricity market;
  • Ensuring the relationship with ANRE, Transelectrica, OPCOM, and other market participants, holders of production/supply/trading/distribution licenses in the field of electricity supply;
  • Elaborating reports and analyses regarding the sale of electricity through concluded electricity supply contracts;
  • Collaborating in the strategy setup development of the electricity supply activity in the short, medium, and long term;
  • IBD processing (settlement base interval) for the client portfolio (hourly intervals and 15 minutes);
  • Management of consumption history (processing monthly consumption files for each client);
  • Elaborating the short, medium, and long-term consumption forecast and analyzing data about power consumption;
  • Processing all data that is necessary for the billing process and issuing invoices for electricity supplied to final consumers;
  • Opening and maintaining communication channels with all departments;